The ABCs of Life: Journaling Your Way to Meaning


Carol Giacomucci has been an educator for over thirty years. An avid cyclist, she also enjoys baking, crocheting, and reading. Other books written by Carol include Thoughts from Within: A Poetry JournalA New Home, and A New Friend.

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After many years of teaching, author Carol Giacomucci saw a need in today’s youth for wisdom to help them navigate through life. She began collecting stories, wise quotes, and lessons she had learned over the years to share them with her students.  In The ABCs of Life: Journaling Your Way to Meaning, she is passing this collection on to others who may benefit from the greatest minds in history and beyond. In this book, you will read and journal on important topics from A to Z, including:

  • Attitude: Find the positives in every situation
  • Belief: Understand that you can do something. This is the first step to achieving your goal
  • Compassion: If you want to make a lasting impression on someone, show that you care about them
  • Happiness: Pursue fulfillment yourself. Don’t expect others to do this for you
  • Zeal: Live life with gusto, pursue higher goals to bring out the best in you and others

Her choice of quotes is purposeful because they are the same quotes that helped her navigate through challenging times. Giacomucci hopes that those who read this book will discover their own parts to play in making the world a better place.


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