Your Mother Called (Mother Earth): You’d Better Call Her Back! by Gina Murphy-Darling


Gina Murphy-Darling

A former successful corporate executive, Gina Murphy-Darling’s passion for preserving the planet and her commitment to educating the mainstream about the confusing “green issues” motivated her to launch a radio show, Mrs. Green Goes Mainstream, in 2008. The show is now titled Mrs. Green’s World. For more information, check out her website

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Your Mother Called (Mother Earth) . . . You’d Better Call Her Back! carries Gina Murphy-Darling’s passionate message of respect for Mother Earth. Taking on her radio show personality of Mrs. Green, Murphy-Darling identifies many of the incredible environmental challenges we face as a human race and offers one woman’s solutions on how we can begin to live intentionally to help preserve the very planet that gives us life.

From listing the dangers of fracking and the harmful chemicals in our food and our cleaning products to giving tips on a greener way to entertain, Mrs. Green will motivate you to wake up and smell the roses while there are still roses to smell. Filled with anecdotes, humor, and some fairly bold statements, Your Mother Called may make you laugh or cry, but most importantly, it will inspire you to change some harmful habits and encourage you to influence others.

Read it, enjoy it, and share the message so that we can all become intentional, committed members of a global community who care about the planet we share.


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