No matter what your book is about you can easily come up with ten questions that relate to your book. Authors of fiction can create questions about the setting, characters and events in the book. Ask questions about small town living or inner city hazards for your hero or heroine. Whether your book is about finding a partner in a romance or solving a mystery, create a quiz about the situation.

Authors of non-fiction can create questions around a topic that would build interest in readers. For instance, if you were writing a book about public speaking you could ask the following questions.

How do your overcome your fear of speaking in front of groups?

Where do you find places to speak?

How do you promote your book in small group settings?

The great thing about creating a fun quiz for your book is that it stops people for a few seconds and gets them thinking. If you post the quiz online, then offer a prize for answering all of the questions correctly or just for participating.  Since your motivation is to build audience participation, it is better to make it easy for contestants to win.

The more interesting and fun you make your quiz, then the greater its chance of going viral. If you have problems coming up with questions, ask a friend to help you brainstorm. Sometimes authors get so absorbed in creating an unforgettable book that they forget the simple, basic questions that readers might have.

So what do you do once your book quiz is created and you have no visitors to your own blog? Take it on the road.

1.  Offer it as a guest post to a site that gets more traffic than yours.

2.  Share it in a Facebook comment to a post about a topic relevant to your book.

3.  Share it on Goodreads.  There is a section just for quizzes.

4.  Tweet it on Twitter.

5.  Pin it on Pinterest.

6.  Google+ it.

7.  Create an infographic.

8.  Put it in your email signature

9.  Create an adwords campaign around it

10. Promote it with a Facebook ad

11. Send an email to a friend and ask them to leave a comment

12. Post it on your Amazon author profile

13. Make a mini video about it and post it on YouTube

14. Send it as part of a news release to newspaper, radio, print or online media

15. Use the questions for advance publicity for book club speaking events

Take a look at your book and come up with a few simple questions about it. Ten questions is ideal but you can do as few as 3 good questions in a quiz.  Then put it out for participation.