Michael Thomas Perone, author of Danger Peak, was recently interviewed on the 1980s Now podcast!

The 1980s Now podcast is a Top 200 podcast in TV & Film and Comedy. Hosts Will Padilla and Kat O’Connor cover pop culture related to the 1980s, share personal experiences, and interview celebrities and other experts. Some of their previous guests have included Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters! and Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Congratulations, Mike, for being in such good company!

In the interview, Michael talks about Danger Peak as well as his next upcoming novel. You can listen to Michael’s episode on the 1980s Now podcast on their website here.

You can also check out Michael’s blog post about his experience on the podcast, which includes some extra details, such as how he got the interview.

Congrats again to Michael Thomas Perone for another great interview!

Update: Check out the video version of the podcast episode!