Writer’s Digest holding a contest for self-published eBooks?

Whoa! Times are a changing.

If your eBook has been self-published since 2008 (and yes, using Wheatmark qualifies you), you can enter your book for a chance to be on the front cover of Writer’s Digest magazine and win $2,000. You can submit a print edition of your book as well as an eBook version as long as it is self-published.

While Writer’s Digest does not have a huge circulation, a little over a hundred thousand subscribers, being noted as a winner by this established writing magazine will certainly give your book great credibility.

Wonder if your book has a chance? Here is what your eBook will be evaluated on:

Writing Quality
Production Quality

This is where Wheatmark’s continued insistence that your book have an awesome cover, professional layout and top-notch editing will give you a legs up on the competition. There will be one grand prizewinner who takes the gold prize of $2,000 and the front-page cover. However, the winners of each category have a chance at fame and fortune as well.

Here are the main categories for fiction and nonfiction eBooks, but the rules state that this is not limiting. Meaning if your book doesn’t quite fit in a category tightly, submit it, and give it a try.


• Mainstream/Literary Fiction
• Children’s/Picture books
• Genre Fiction
• Middle-Grade/Young Adult books


• Reference Books
• Cookbooks
• Life Stories

Here are a few things to be aware of before submitting.

There is a pretty steep entry fee for the contest. $75.00 for the first entry and $50.00 for additional entries.

The competition will be with some of the best writers on the market so unless you feel confident your book is good you may want to try for smaller, less known contests.

That said, spending $75 to give your book a chance for top national exposure in the book world might be worth the risk.