Just starting out? Have one review but feel that you need a hundred more before your book will take off? Fear not. Here are ten ways you can spin that one small review into ten fantastic book promotions:

1.  Put the review on your website. If it’s short, include it on the sidebar. If it’s longer, put an excerpt on the sidebar and the full review on an inner page.

2. Include a snippet of the review in your email signature. This is an easy way to get a lot of mileage every day with no extra effort.

3. Use a sentence or two of the review on the back cover of your book. Easy to do if your book is in digital form or you are using POD (Print on Demand). If you have hard copies, print stickers on gold foil and add them to the copies.

4.  Include a reference to the review in advertising such as Google AdWords or display ads in publishing magazines. Every word counts here but mention of an endorsement can be a big pull.

5.  Mention the review in your bio line when writing guest posts or articles. It’s all about credibility and a few words from a review can do that in spades.

6.  Send out query letters for radio or TV interviews using a testimonial from the review. Program hosts want to know that your book has public appeal before inviting you on their show. Nothing proves that better than a positive review.

7. Create a book flyer and use a call-out with a line or two from the review. You can write wonderful things about your book but praise from an outside source will carry more weight.

8.  Send an email to popular bloggers in your genre for guest posting using a testimonial from the review. Make that email stand out from the deluge by mentioning the review in your subject line and in the body of the message.

9. Create a new business card and add a line from the review. Today you can print a new business card for as little as $10. It’s worth it to proclaim the message that your book is WONDERFUL without saying a word.

10. Change the message on your voice mail to include mention of the review. A gentle reminder with your phone message that you have a great book can lead to further discussion during the call.

If you want your book to sell, you must promote it. That means spreading the word to everyone with every opportunity.  Often times family, friends, and business acquaintances can start that all important word of mouth.