1. Realize that you’re not in the mood for writing … Better wait till you feel like it.

2. Remember how stupid your last writing was … Better wait till you can do better.

3. Start comparing your writing to someone else’s … and sink into discouragement.

4. Need something to drink … Go get a drink.

5. Need something to eat … Get a snack.

6. Too tired to write … Take a nap.

7. Can’t think of anything to write … play a game of solitaire.

8. Can’t think of the perfect sentence? Stop until it comes to you. This may take weeks.

9. Realize you don’t have enough information … Stop and spend more time researching.

10. Notice how hot it is. Too hot to write. Better wait till it is cooler.

11. Hmmm, seems to be too cold to write. Better leave it for now till it warms up.

12. A blank screen is taunting you. Don’t you take it … Turn off the computer and show it who’s boss.

13. The blank screen is whining that you don’t stick to anything. Agree with it. Why not? Who cares. Play another game of solitaire.

14. The deadline is getting closer. This makes you nervous. Go find something to do to calm your nerves. How about a movie?

15. Panic is starting to build. This is ridiculous. Get some help. What happened in your past to make you this way?

16. Look at the clock. Time to do something else. Console yourself that you’ll do better tomorrow.

17. A friend asks how your writing is coming. Spend twenty minutes explaining.

18. Not sure what to do next. Stuck. Play a game of sudoku. This should fix it.

19. Realize you don’t really like writing anyway. How did you get yourself talked into this? Time for a snack. Maybe a movie. Maybe one more game of solitaire.

20. Start writing. Realize it is the worst piece of writing you’ve ever done. Hit the delete button.

21. Deadline is so close you can feel its breath on your neck. Scream. Tear out hair. Weep. Wail. Moan.

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