Finding the best market for a book is a challenge for every author. Below is a list of ten ways to find markets for your book.

1. Identify three categories of book genre for your book. For instance, fiction books can be broken down into age group, type, such as romance, mystery, thriller, audience, location, etc. Nonfiction books can be categorized as business, finance, science, history, etc. Each of these categories will have subcategories that will narrow your audience and offer best marketing positioning.

2. Go to and look up each of these categories and note the most popular books. Go to the website of each author and look for leads that will show you where they are promoting their books. For instance, websites they have featured guest posts on, articles from magazines, newspapers they are reviewed in, etc.

3. Look on their website for places they make public appearances, such as conventions they attend, speaking engagements, book signings, etc. Note these down and see if you can find similar places close to you to that you can attend and speak or offer your books.

4. Google each category and note the leading sites that showcase books. Is there information on the top ten sites that you can use for your book promotion? What keywords are they using? If those words are working for them, chances are if your book is of the same genre and type, they will work for you.

5. Note the reviewers for the leading books and try to contact these reviewers to review your own book.

6. Look at the popular books and see who endorses them. There is a good chance if your book is well written and offers unique content these same people may be open to endorsing your book as well. People who endorse one book are usually open to endorsing others; after all, it is promotion for them as well. Spread the love.

7. Twitter search your book’s category with a #hashtag and note Twitter users who have a large following. Tweet to them and start making a connection. Tweet at least 3 or 4 times with them before sharing your book. Offer to do something for them or simply re-tweet something they are promoting. Once a connection has been made perhaps offer a free book to review or at the very least a free chapter. Ask if they will share your book to their followers.

8. Go to Pinterest and search for books pinned in your category. Follow the users of those pins. Start pinning your book cover and images that relate to your book using the keywords that the books already pinned are using.

9. Facebook users often share what they are reading so find interesting tidbits about your book and do the same. Note keywords that other Facebook users are sharing that relate to your book and add them to your keyword arsenal.

10. Get involved with Goodreads. Now that it is a part of Amazon, it has a bigger outreach than ever. Make friends, review books, and get your book reviewed.