Building your author platform is a daily exercise every author must commit to for a book’s success.

If Twitter is part of your social media routine, coming up with interesting and relevant tweets can be a chore. One way to make this task easy is to create a tweet subject list.

To get started, decide how many tweets a day you will do. Three to five is usually a good number to start with. Leaving it up to whatever happens happens usually means that nothing will happen. So get yourself a piece of paper and let’s get started building your author tweeting program.

For this example, I am going to help you plan for five tweets a day. You can shorten it if you like to three or four.

When tweeting, a good practice is to offer tips, links, and interesting news items that will be of interest to your followers. Obviously, you want to promote your book, writing, and projects you are interested in, but make sure you have plenty of other tweets to balance them out. A good ratio I have often heard recommended is to offer one self-promotion tweet for every ten tweets.

Five possible tweets

1. Blog post update. This one is easy and can be done automatically every time you post. Every time you write a new blog post, let your followers know.

2. Inspirational quote. Keep it on topic about writing, books, book marketing or from an author. Create a list and add to it as you read books, news articles, etc. It’s okay to use a quote from places such as Inspirational Quotes or BrainyQuote, but you will have more impact if you can say you just read it or just found it somewhere.

3. Great image or picture. Great or fun pictures from around the web are okay, but including your own content from time to time will result in making a better connection. If you’re tweeting to build your author platform, keep your photos focused on something to do with your book most of the time.

4. A helpful resource. Share what matters to you. If something inspires you, there’s a good chance it will do the same for someone else as well.

5. Share a lighter moment. Something funny, a witty joke, or a comment you just heard.

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