Surprisingly, some of the best book marketing done today is done by introverts. It’s not how loud you shout your message but how well you spread it. Here are nine tips to get the word out about your book without appearing before a camera, holding a microphone, or standing on a stage.

1. Create a book marketing strategy that you will enjoy the most. If it’s interesting and fun, you’ll do it.

2. Pick a marketing project that is within your comfort zone. I know there’s a lot of self-help advice that says if you don’t get out of your comfort zone you won’t get ahead. Well, that’s one bit of advice. Here’s another just as powerful: Better to do something than nothing.

3. Create a blog. Most introverts have no problem writing and sharing in print. If this is you, then blogging is the perfect medium to get the word out. Many think of blogs as public personal diaries, which is not a comfortable thought for introverts. Instead, make your blog about your book, other people’s books, writing tips, a hobby, pets, any niche subject that interests you and is popular enough to get online traffic.

4. Get other book bloggers to blog about your book. Here’s a site that lists over 1,200 book blogs by book topic. Visit author and book sites that match your book topic and offer to send them a free book for possible review. Not all of them will do it and some will be swamped, but this is a wonderful way to build exposure and get backlinks to your own site to increase page ranking and popularity.

5. Use a social media tool that you feel comfortable with. Pick a topic to discuss that pertains to your book. That way the message is not about you but about your topic. Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and Tumblr are good starting points. Don’t do them all, select one or two that fits your personality and interest.

6. Enter your book in book and writing contests. If you win this can bring you not only recognition, get your work noticed by agents and editors, but you can mention your award on your book cover, news releases, and all publicity material. Many literary contests charge an entrance free so select only those that are perfect matches for your book and only compete when your book is at its absolute best. John Kremer offers a list of 50+ book and author award programs.

7. Send out news releases. There are literally hundreds of places to send out news releases to. Create a list of news sites, blogs, newspapers, and magazines that matches your book topic and audience. Send each of them a release every other month. If you have a big enough list this can keep you busy! See our five-part series on How to sell more books with news releases.

8. Get your book or ebook reviewed. The bigger reviewers such as New York Times Books, Amazon Readers Views, Book Reporter all receive hundreds of books a day to review, so only the cream of the crop will get selected. Yahoo Directory lists twenty sites of major book reviewers that will help you get started. I also recommend you submit your book to Midwest Book Review.

9. Send out a newsletter. Building a mailing list is the number one strategy for all book marketing whether one is an introvert or an extrovert. It’s the easiest and best way to stay connected with your reader. The letter does not have to be big, fancy, or even professional looking. What it does need to do is be consistent (send the same day every week, bi-weekly, or monthly), be friendly and offer something of value.