Looking for a fast and quick way to get the word out about your book? Here’s a new tool for book marketing you’ll want to take advantage of . . .


  • It’s fast
  • It’s easy
  • It’s fun
  • It can spread your message like wildfire.
  • AND best of all . . . it’s FREE!

Authors can use screenr to make a quick and fast book trailer. It can then be placed on your website, loaded up onto YouTube or sent in an email. You can post it on a blog, share it on Facebook, tweet it and pin it on Pinterest.

Here’s how it works.

Anything that you can put on your computer screen can be recorded with audio and made into a screenr video. You have five minutes from start to finish to share whatever you want.

To make it the most effective you will want to plan out exactly what you want to share. Once you start there’s no stopping. It’s fast and dirty—rough and ragged—but it gets your message out FAST!

To make your first video go to screenr.com and sign up.

You will need the latest Java update … so if the sign pops up to tell you to download and install it … do! It’s safe and worth the few minutes of installation time.

For your first video I would suggest you keep it to a minute in length with maybe just 5-10 slides. The shorter and tighter it is, the better chance that people will take time to view it.

One minute of normal talking is approximately 80 words. Write out your script of what you want to say so that its clear in your mind.

Find 5-10 pictures you want to use to go along with the script. Book front cover, back cover, picture of you, picture of where the book takes place, your website, etc.

You can also add video if you have it on your computer.

Make a slide show of the pictures and video using PowerPoint, Movie Maker, Picasa, etc. Place the slide show on your computer screen but don’t hit start yet.

Go to screenr.com to start your first movie. You will want to size the movie so that it fits exactly the dimensions of your slideshow. Hit record, start the slide show, and talk your way through the pictures.

Hit DONE when you reach the end. You’ve done it! Go back to screenr.com and your video will be there ready to play, upload to your website, YouTube, Facebook, whatever you like!

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