A New Beginning for Luke and Trevor


Lowell F. Volk retired from General Dynamics as a manager of software engineers. He lives in Pleasant View, Colorado, with his wife, Mary Lou. A member of the Montezuma County Sheriff’s Posse, Volk travels to Wild West events and Civil War reenactments, hunts deer and elk, and enjoys time with their five children.

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Trevor and Luke come to a crossroads in the sixth and last book in the Luke Taylor Trevor Lane Series, A New Beginning for Luke and Trevor. Trevor and Raquel marry and stake a claim for land under the Homestead Act in Colorado, but they need extra help from Luke and Dancing Flower who agree to stay through the winter. Luke considers settling down near his friend, but the westward itch is too strong, and he and Dancing Flower set out the following spring into the Colorado Rockies.

The journey, although both slow and arduous, poses less peril than the human element they encounter along the way. When a man refuses to eat near Dancing Flower, calling her a squaw, Luke knocks him to the floor for his impertinence. The man becomes Luke’s enemy, swearing to kill both Luke and Dancing Flower. It’s a grudge he intends to keep.

Eventually Luke partners with a miner and things seem to be falling into place. But when Luke and the miner leave for town to get supplies, Dancing Flower finds herself alone and the target of their enemy’s revenge. Will Luke be able to rescue her without falling into a murderous trap?


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