America, Resilient Still?


Alexander Kugushev was born in France to Russian parents and educated in Yugoslavia, Switzerland, and Argentina. As an adolescent, he lived through World War II, which was the defining experience of his life. He trained as a journalist in Argentina. His life in the United States has spanned a broad sample of the immigrant experience—from longshoreman to fruit picker to college instructor to college textbook publisher to an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. He has written five books, traveled to eighty countries, and speaks seven languages. He lives in Menlo Park, California.

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Resilience has marked the American character. From its multiple economic and political crises, the American people have emerged every time and within a few short years to continue the country’s prosperous growth. Is that still so?

Since 2008, the United States has suffered a sequence of economic, political, and public health crises as well as other causes for concern or dissension, including political polarization, economic disruptions, disputes over immigration, COVID-19 and its consequences, employment doubts caused by automation and online commerce, and racial discords. Has this accumulation of events begun to dent American resilience?

Or does the nation’s compass needle still point firmly north? Our behaviors rather than our anxieties suggest the latter. New business creation at record levels, critical innovations in education, inventiveness undiminished, immigrant assimilation, voters in record numbers, and government and judiciary holding firm amid unprecedented challenges all point to confidence and latent optimism.

America, Resilient Still? examines our prospects over the next two to three decades. In this well-researched, compelling, and timely book. Author Alexander Kugushev ultimately views the river of American history running deep and strong through rapids, between cliffs, and over rocks and boulders into an uncharted future.


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