Fight City Hall and Win: How to Defend Your Community against Rapacious Developers, Scared Bureaucrats, and Corrupt Politicians


Connor Murphy is a former “Alinsky organizer,” like President Barack Obama, and a long-time city planner who is tired of seeing good people defeated time and time again by fast-talking developers who bully city halls into approving projects that disfigure neighborhoods, overload schools, and eat away the essence of community.

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How often have you seen a development built that no one wanted or needed — ruining the neighborhood, harming the landscape, and wrecking property values — despite grumbling and protests by the neighbors, and sometimes without anyone even knowing it was going to happen until it was too late?

All across America, bad development is approved because ordinary people don’t have the knowledge they need to stand up and fight back. At any time, you can get a public notice telling you a notorious real estate developer has applied for a permit to build nearby. Will you know how to respond? Will you know what steps to take to protect your rights?

Fight City Hall and Win gives ordinary folks the insider knowledge they need to protect their neighborhoods. It is filled with humor, irony, and true-to-life bedtime stories that teach readers how to take on the good old boys at city hall — and win.


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