Angoleth’s Heir


Meagan lives in the great state of Arizona near Tucson with her husband, daughter, and a slew of furry and exotic pets. She loves nature, hiking, video games, home-schooling her kid, and absolutely anything to do with dragons. Meagan has a collection of dragon trinkets starting to take over her house. She adores reading fairytales and adventures with handsome or quirky dragons. Meagan’s friends will call her a dragon expert, but she isn’t so sure about that title. Ask the author herself and she will simply say, “I am a dragon in a human body.” Now we know why she loves dragon things so much: She IS a dragon!

Eventually, Meagan’s deep passion for dragon stories led to her writing her own. The project began back in her high school days and the Dragons of Angoleth series has evolved a lot since then. Now, the second edition, rewritten version of Angoleth’s Heir is finally right where it belongs… In your hands. Enjoy!

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Life in New York City is already crazy enough. But for Soraya, the normal stress of a high school senior is only enhanced tenfold when she suddenly begins to lose control of an ability she never truly understood. Heightened emotions trigger something inside Soraya that wants to show itself. A part of Soraya bubbling beneath the skin surface. Only a magical bracelet keeps her from becoming something… inhuman.

Or, maybe fate has other plans. Perhaps Soraya is not supposed to be a human at all. Rescued and mesmerized by a young man with crimson wings, Soraya suddenly wakes up on the other side of a portal to a parallel world—Angoleth—a place where dragons and magic rule the land. Not just any magic, however. Dark magic is making Angoleth’s residents suffer.

Can Soraya handle the truth of who and what she really is? Will it help her gain the control she needs or only leave her burning with even more questions and desires?

To solve her problems at home, she will first have to dive deep into the troubles and dangers of a land she knows nothing about. A realm that could easily devour her whole. Is Soraya the heir Angoleth has been waiting for?


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