Before the Bow Breaks: A Mother’s Journey Through Incredible Loss


EsthersChild is an award-winning author who won an Angel Award in 1990 for her first book, Light Through the Dark Glass (Pacific Press Publishing Association). Republished under the title, Darkness Overturned (Wheatmark, Inc.), this is her autobiography about kidnapping, murder, and too many marriages. Born in the Pacific Northwest, EsthersChild has been writing stories and poems all her life.

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When the urn was empty, we each put our rose into it, signifying our love for Cassie. The urn would not remain empty; her memory on earth would remain alive in us. Huddling together, arms entwined, I offered a prayer to God committing Cassie to his eternal care. Meanwhile, the youngest member of the family, only 8 years old, spontaneously began drawing hearts in the sand. Multiple hearts — hearts within hearts, small hearts, large hearts. When we turned back toward the shore, the beach was covered with them.

Before the Bow Breaks is the love story of a mother searching for meaning in the life and death of her daughter, Cassie. Tormented by depression and anxiety, Cassie sought escape in alcohol and drug addiction. She was a paradox between wit and confusion, her life filled with dark, woeful tales and bright, fun-loving laughter.

Yes, grieving is ultimately about letting go, but it is also about finding peace and clarity in the letting go. By sharing her journey in Before the Bow Breaks, EsthersChild helps to guide other families of addicts as they work their way through grief, pain, and loss.


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