Benjamin Manry and the Crimson Journal


Owen Palmiotti graduated from SUNY Maritime College in 2007 and has set foot in ports around the world, sailing on his United States Coast Guard license. He currently dwells in Monroe, New York, teaching navigation classes at his alma mater. In his free time, he loves to write and travel. This is his second novel in The Adventures of Benjamin Manry series.

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“To become a man is to make a name for yourself… but what if that name was already taken? What lengths would you go to fulfill your destiny?”
—Benjamin Manry

After discovering a cursed pirate treasure and being sent back in time to 1763, seventeen-year-old Benjamin Manry, his older brother, and his best friend have joined the reputable Captain Arthur F. Nelson as privateers. Now Ben has been promoted to first officer aboard HMS Courtesy, and a new mission awaits them. But instead of scouring the seas to rid the New World of pirates, King George III has something different in mind: the assassination of Prime Minister George Grenville.

While struggling with the implications of this request, Ben is introduced to Lady Louisa Ann, who is cousin to the king and searching for a suitable husband. Louisa Ann and Ben quickly become the talk of the court. To make matters more confusing, Ben reunites with Leah, the girl he thought he’d lost forever.

Join Ben on his epic quest during the radical transformation of the British colonies to what will soon become the United States of America.


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