Beyond Bedrock


W. L. Jardine (aka Wendy Krause) taught industrial arts at the high school level for several years. She is a lover of history and stories that bring out the resourceful natures we are blessed with.



Dead are the days of innocence, safety, security. Rough, beyond bedrock days have dawned for Jenny, Belle, and Beatrice — days of independence and life or death decisions. The days of reckoning blow hot. If they fight the odds, its annealing flame will harden their resolve, crystallize their vision. It’s a rugged, raw, rough land. A man’s world. Tough, determined men fence the land, dig the ore, cut the trees, divert the water. By hook or by crook, they take the women they desire. Three resourceful young women fight back.

The Old West is a harsh place for women, even under the best of circumstances. But when Jenny, Belle, and Beatrice find themselves fighting desperate situations beyond their control, they show a caliber of strength that only the worst of times can bring out. Jenny witnesses the gruesome death of her parents. Belle escapes Baltimore’s poverty while reluctantly leaving behind her quarantined mother. And Beatrice finds the courage to abandon her abusive father and hateful brothers.

Their stories eventually intersect in Colorado, but not before they encounter a variety dangers and colorful characters, including Native Americans, former slaves, and a young runaway. They are determined to better their lives and, in doing so, positively impact the formation of the West.

With a unique female focus, Beyond Bedrock is the debut from a compelling new voice in Westerns.


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