Blooms and the Bard: Painted Sonnets


Angela Bell Julien is an avid writer and poet who has dedicated her life to teaching others about the power of words. A native Arizonan, Angela received her master’s degree in English from Northern Arizona University and spent thirty-five years teaching English and serving as a principal in Arizona high schools. She currently works as an educational consultant for schools in the western United States. Decades of watching and guiding thousands of teenagers as they move from adolescence to adulthood has given her a special insight into the personality traits that blossom within people and drive them forward. Angela’s greatest inspirations come from her family. She is married and has two daughters, two sons-in-law, and six grandchildren.

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What colors are you made of?

In this collection of poetry and painted flowers, Angela Bell Julien explores attributes of the people who make up life’s bouquet. As you wind your way through her verses, you may discover elements of yourself or of those you love. Do you recognize the green that allows you to face change with a sense of hope? Can you embrace red, both dangerous and passionate? Appreciate white, so easily overlooked yet so inspiring?

Each poem is accompanied by commentary from Angela, as well as a place to write down your own impressions of people you have known. Enjoy celebrating the colorful nuances that make us unique!


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