Blue Buttons and Red Tomatoes


Patty McWilliams was born in Central Texas and grew up in a family of storytellers. She has written several books including an autobiography: Color Me Pink: Still Rolling Strong Years After Cancer Diagnosis, a memoir titled Belly Buttons: Lifelines from My Brother; and three children’s books:  Abigail and Rumpus the Green Dinosaur, Thomas’ Little Light, and Mia and the MissionariesBlue Buttons and Red Tomatoes is her first mystery novel.

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Sylvia Denton’s vow to solve a childhood hit-and-run mystery presents her with a decade of memorable experiences while delivering packages for a living. All are vying to be recorded in her notebooks, and each are urging her to listen for the real clues while she’s rescuing children, fighting off starving dogs, overlooking hitchhiking rattlesnakes, and praying while holding a taser to ward off drunken men.

Weeding out the clues has her wondering if she just delivered the makings of a bomb. Was it drug money she saw bundled in rubber bands? And were any of those packages she delivered to Madeline Murray O’Hare ticking?

She must ignore thoughts about aiming gun barrels, forget about the bulky, bundled-up quilt laying all alone in the ditch beckoning to be opened, and instead, concentrate on finding the murderer while following a trail lined with plump red tomatoes.

The real question is, what will she do when she discovers the truth?


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