Buddy… His Trials and Treasures


Will Edwinson is a singer, entrepreneur, and former small grains producer turned writer. His other works include a political tale entitled A Halcyon Revolution. Edwinson lives with his wife in Idaho.

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Do you need a little stress relief in your life? Travel back to the world of Buddy Crawford, a simpler, slower-paced world where Cokes were a nickel, movie tickets were a dime, and ten cents bought you a double-dip ice cream cone. These engaging, award-winning stories about a young boy growing up in rural America during the 1940s provide a relaxing respite from today’s fast-paced world. They may even revive old memories of your own childhood.

Follow Buddy and cousin Mont as they gather beer and pop bottles from the roadway barrow pits. Join him and his friends at the river swimming hole for a swim, or go fishing for carp in the canal. Experience the fun as he tours the countryside in an old Model T Ford with his friends. What better way to spend a relaxing two hours than immersing yourself in these stories?

Buddy is somewhat reminiscent of Tom Sawyer in that he quite often finds himself in hot water. Unlike Tom, Buddy’s misdeeds are without forethought. They happen because Buddy is … well … he’s just Buddy.


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