Come to Your Senses: An Inspirational Guide for Using All of Your Senses


Joan Brock

At age thirty-two, Joan Brock suddenly lost her eyesight to a rare eye disease. Only five years later, she lost her first husband to cancer. As a speaker/author for more than two decades, she has been inspiring people around the world with her insights on overcoming adversity.

Joan’s autobiography More Than Meets the Eye was published in 1994 by HarperCollins and made into a Lifetime television film in 2003.

Joan lives in Tucson, Arizona, with her husband Jim. Her daughter Joy, son-in-law Brian, and grandson Skyler are nearby, a blessing she appreciates each and every day.

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From the sense of sight to the sense of peace and from the sense of humor to the sense of loss, the wealth of all you have within your own self is unimaginable. Explore how you can complete each day by filling the hours with your own life experiences.

This book will inspire you to…

  • Travel through a world that will challenge you to examine and study insights from your own life experiences
  • Utilize the food for thought provided from the perspective of a woman who has been to the deepest depths of loss and has climbed back up from those valleys of despair
  • Evaluate your own insights to be able to put life in its proper perspective, thus heading you in a positive, productive direction
  • Complete the whole picture to reach your full potential and thus achieve true happiness in life


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