Cry for the Children


C. A. Wilson is retired and lives with her husband and beer-drinking cat, Budweiser, in the mountains of North Idaho. Short days and long winter nights provide plenty of time for writing when the wind howls around the eaves and predators roam the dark. Mountain lions, bobcats, and wolves—oh my.

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Jerked out of bed by police in the middle of the night, Catherine Timrod wakes to a bloody knife in her hand. The six-year-old twin girls in her care have been brutally murdered, and Catherine—their young, pregnant nanny—is the only suspect.

Attorney Mark Dillinger comes to Catherine’s defense. But the case is not all that it seems, and neither is Catherine. In his quest to prove her innocent, he finds himself caught in a web of deception that throws his world into chaos. Can Mark put the pieces together before he becomes the next victim?


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