Cry in the Dark


C. A. Wilson is retired and lives with her husband and beer-drinking cat, Budweiser, in the mountains of North Idaho. She enjoys snowmobiling, four-wheeling, and gold panning. Short days and long winter nights provide plenty of time for writing when the wind howls around the eaves and predators roam the dark.

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Stranded and alone on a bitterly cold night in the North Idaho mountains, Abigail Sandstone has few options. She is out of gas, has no cell phone service, and is facing a very long jog down a steep mountain road back to town. Then she spies lights across the canyon. Can this be her salvation? She climbs onto the opposite road and finds the headlights of a dark, idling limousine outlining three dangerous-looking thugs brutally torturing a defenseless woman.

Abigail searches for a way to help and is stunned when the woman breaks free of her captors and flings a set of keys her way while fleeing toward the roadside brush. Shots ring out, the woman disappears from sight, and now Abigail is the new target.

As the men chase her into the cold dark mountains, Abigail quickly discovers that they are no ordinary thugs. These men are expert trackers and trained killers. Without a gun or survival gear, she must use her self-defense training and knowledge of the forests to stay ahead of them. Tired and alone, she fights to outdistance herself from the killers. But is her desperate will to survive enough to get her back home to her family?


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