Everyday Abominations: Sins That So Easily Beset Us


Barbara Bowles King

Barbara Bowles King, a native of Charlottesville, Virginia, has also authored Christian Comedy: A Light-hearted Look at a Very Heavy Subject and I Know I’m on the Right Track but . . . A Practical Guide to Spiritual Growth.

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Abominations are, simply put, things God hates. God knows us better than anyone, including ourselves. He clearly outlines in the Bible the things that give Him pleasure and the things He hates so that we can recognize our sinful desires and overcome them through His grace. But in order for this transformation to take place in our lives, we must have the spiritual courage to see ourselves honestly. As Christians, this is our greatest challenge. It is easy to point out the flaws in others while ignoring the flaws in our own lives.

In Everyday Abominations: Sins that so Easily Beset Us, author Barbara Bowles King helps us to recognize the everyday sins we often overlook, such as lying, gossiping, blasphemy, sexual sin, and pride. By reflecting on her own life and her accumulated knowledge as a dedicated Christian, she emphasizes the importance of being spiritually honest with ourselves and being centered on God instead of being self-centered.

Everyday Abominations will help you to recognize and navigate through the evils of your own selfish desires so that you can refocus your life on Jesus Christ and begin to truly impact the lives of others through Him.


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