Execumama: A Pocket Guide for the Twenty Something Mommy on the Move


Akilah S. Richards

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The Execumama: A sistah between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five with established and clearly defined career goals. She’s focused, disciplined, and skilled, and she’s making a name for herself in her industry. How she manages to handle that AND raise a child or two at the same time is a feat worth exploring. Addressing the unique challenges of the young working mother, Execumama serves as an empowerment guide to playing that game and playing it well.

Conventional wisdom would have execumamas believe that they have to strike a perfect balance between work and life. Akilah S. Richards explodes that myth, telling us that we shouldn’t beat ourselves up when we encounter the inevitable imbalances that come with the life/work path. There will always be variables beyond our control, she says. The trick is to cope with the chaos while taking comfort in the things that are still within our control.

With candor and wit, Richards encourages the execumama in each of us to embrace the road we’ve chosen and to walk it with confidence.


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