Fly Me: Story of a Female Fighter Jock


Robert McCartan served twenty-eight years in the U.S. Air Force. He amassed more than five thousand flying hours, including more than three thousand in the B-47 bomber with SAC. He flew 156 combat missions in Vietnam in the EB-66 aircraft, most of them over North Vietnam. He taught four years at the Air Force Academy, served four years as an operations staff officer in the Pentagon, and commanded an Air Force wing. He earned a master’s degree from the University of Denver. In 2004, McCartan published a memoir, My Journey. He also published two successful novels: Noble Cause and European Intrigue. Colonel McCartan resides in Tucson, Arizona.

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Lieutenant Lynda Samantha Blake, a weapon systems officer in a U.S. Air Force F-15E supersonic jet fighter, finds herself in a dangerous wartime situation. She must draw on experiences from her youth, her Air Force Academy education, and her flight training to overcome the dangerous and always challenging roadblocks that confront her. Can she prove her mettle under trying circumstances and earn respect in a military dominated by testosterone-powered men?


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