Galaxy Rand


M. R. Tighe is the author of the Tartarus Trilogy: Judgment on Tartarus, True Son of Tartarus, and Ransom of Tartarus.

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Galaxy Rand is one tough fem. A hard-drinking, two-fisted recoup agent, she’s used to dealing with space-scum like hijackers and smugglers. But when she stumbles across a discarded robot, she’s thrown for a loop. Not only is Tin Man obnoxious, but he’s denser than a ton of spectromium! Rand’s unsavory past comes back to haunt her; she finds a price on her head and a target on her back. As for Tin Man, he has secrets of his own.

To save her life and her job, and to earn the five-million credit reward offered by multi-billionaire Roman Aguilar, Rand is forced to do the one thing she always swore she’d never do: go back to Esperance—the Death Planet!


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