Grace Equally Scavenged by Crackers


After living through an abusive past, Christine Reeves struggled to find exciting literature that had characters she could relate to without triggering nightmares from her previous life. She was not raised in a Christian home and found it challenging to relate or even connect with character types having a perfect model family. Because of this, she decided to write her fiction based on sincere emotions from her earlier hardships but to keep cringe-worthy moments away from readers. Christine’s stories are meant to lead readers into the triumph of joy in the middle of raw circumstances and bring healing through the grace of Jesus Christ.

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Rebecca Pilums is a flapper with a shady past and a low bank balance. She hopes circumstances will improve for her and Edward, her ne’er-do-well husband, after her mother dies under mysterious circumstances—but the entire estate goes to Stephanie, her annoyingly devout sister.

Detective Charles East is a widower who’s been hired to provide security for Stephanie’s family. He believes he’s finally found a path to healing when he meets Jessica, their maid—but Jessica isn’t as sweet and innocent as she lets on.

When tragedy strikes and hidden truths come to light, they each face a choice. Will they fall prey to old, destructive habits? Or will they open their hearts to the grace that’s been available to them all along?


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