Herding Words: A Brand Copywriter’s Guide


David R. Woodruff is an award-winning content writer and precision editor with more than two decades of experience developing strategic brand messaging for B2B and B2C print, digital, and web marketing communications.

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Learn how to deliver on the brand promise and become a better copywriter through the art of authentic storytelling.

Today’s consumer tolerance for clutter — baseless product pitches, poor or mistimed messaging, and fluff marketing speak — has all but flatlined. Tired and frustrated with empty words, consumers have little time to waste on filtering marketing vapor to get to a brand’s truth. And the fact is, if you won’t tell them what they need to know about your brand upfront — in a simple, honest, and informative way — your competitors will be happy to step up.

That’s why every copywriter needs Herding Words: A Brand Copywriter’s Guide by David R. Woodruff. Aimed at those responsible for crafting brand narrative, it elevates writers’ expertise as brand storytellers, inspiring them to go beyond features and benefits, get to the core truth about a brand’s promise, then transform those insights into powerful brand narrative for print, digital, and web marketing communications.

A smart, informative, and engaging book, Herding Words contains practical, prescriptive advice from an insider. Woodruff’s personal, welcoming tone befriends the fellow copywriter and instructs them on how to boost their writing from good to great by way of diving much deeper into the discovery process about a brand.


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