The Five A’s of Great Employees: Breakthrough Strategies for Hiring and Managing People


Eric Swenson

Eric Swenson has more than twenty-five years of experience in sales, management, training, and marketing. He is the founder and managing director of RSJ/Swenson, a human workforce development firm charged with identifying and developing training for talented, engaged, and passionate employees and leaders. During the course of his career, Swenson has interviewed more than five thousand job candidates. He lives in Los Angeles. Visit his website at

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Contrary to popular belief, technical competency does not define a great employee. You won’t find your best employees by asking a series of standard interview questions. And a resume does little to tell you whether an employee is going to be a superstar or a human-resources nightmare.

In fact, when it comes to hiring and managing employees, we have been concentrating on the wrong attributes entirely.

The Five A’s is a true breakthrough in evaluating potential and current employees. By redefining the characteristics that determine whether an employee is ideally suited for a job, you can use The Five A’s to quickly sift through the rubbish and build an engaged and well-trained workforce.


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