Just Watch Me


David Jacobs, MD has practiced in Tucson, Arizona since 1990. He is deeply moved by literature and experiences of the deeper self, such as spiritual and meditative matters, which served as an impetus for this story.

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A typical 17-year-old high school senior, Katie starts having very peculiar paranormal experiences. Neither she nor her parents understand how she has developed this gift—or is it a curse?—to influence the environment around her.

One man helps Katie understand what’s happening to her. Dr. Schlisselvasser, an anthropologist with expertise in indigenous cultures and their mystics, studies children with unusual abilities. He realizes she is developing her powers as a shaman and begins to help her with specialized training.

To complicate matters, there seems to be a greater reason for the sudden appearance of Katie’s gift. She is tapped on the shoulder by ancient spirits deep beneath the mountains of Arizona to take on evil villains who will stop at nothing to create an orchestrated environmental disaster for profit and greed. Katie has no desire to be a superhero, but can she understand what it means to be a shaman in time to fight an evil that is quickly approaching?

In this debut novel, David Jacobs spins a supernatural and suspenseful tale intertwining one girl’s coming of age and the age-old battle of good versus evil.


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