Luke Taylor and Trevor Lane


Lowell F. Volk retired from General Dynamics as a manager of software engineers. He lives in Pleasant View, Colorado, with his wife, Mary Lou. A member of the Montezuma County Sheriff’s Posse, Volk travels to Wild West events and Civil War reenactments, hunts deer and elk, and enjoys time with their five children.

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In Luke Taylor and Trevor Lane, the fifth book in the Luke Taylor Trevor Lane series, Luke and Trevor head west together and find themselves facing dangers common to those who travel in the untamed frontier. Outlaws and Indians threaten their lives, and Luke and Trevor decide to seek safety in numbers by joining a wagon train after reaching Independence, Missouri.

To their pleasant surprise, they discover old friends on the train, and things seem to be looking up. However, not everyone is glad to see them. Two mysterious strangers plot to disrupt the boys’ plans and exact their revenge.

Will Luke and Trevor discover their identities before it’s too late?


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