Man with the Banjo


George Robert is the second son of Eddie and Ragna Peabody. Whenever he heard his mother yell out “George Robert!” he knew he was in trouble.

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Eddie Peabody is at the peak of his musical career, known to his many fans as the King of the Banjo. But after entertaining White House guests in the Rose Garden, he is summoned by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and asked to rejoin the armed forces. Secretly commissioned a lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Reserve, he continues performing in theaters across the country while training for his reconnaissance mission in Germany.

Eddie photographs a newly constructed German U-boat, verifying the American government’s suspicions. His mission complete, he troupes on to Berlin with the theater group.

Unbeknown to the Allies, however, German intelligence has found a photograph of Eddie in his uniform. The head of the German state invites him to play at a private party for the chancellor and his entourage.

Will this be Eddie’s final performance?


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