Managing People: The 2020 Edition


Eric Swenson is acknowledged as a leading expert on management and leadership. His work with businesses throughout North America has led to improved performance, stronger employee engagement, and greater customer satisfaction.

He speaks frequently to organizations and conferences on topics ranging from leadership and management to workforce trends and issues. He has conducted seminars for professional organizations and is a popular keynote speaker at conferences and conventions.

Eric is the founder and managing director of RSJ/Swenson, a human resources and workforce-outsourcing firm serving more than 250 businesses ranging from start-ups to established companies with over 1,000 employees. Virtually every industry is represented in RSJ/Swenson’s portfolio.

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In 2003, Eric Swenson quit his job and wrote a book about management and leadership based on his seventeen years of experience working for two large corporations. Now, sev­enteen years later, he has updated the book with stories and anecdotes from his experience running his own business and working with hundreds of business owners and C-suite exec­utives.

Despite the many changes in technology and business over the past generation, the hall­marks of great leaders have remained the same. Eric’s core principles of leadership are rele­vant for managers of people in any generation, business, industry, or role.

Managing People is a book written by a manager for managers and packed with practical, ev­eryday advice that anyone can learn and adapt to their own teams. This is not high-level theory but rather in-the-trenches knowledge from someone who has been there and done that — as a manager, as a strategic advisor, and as a business owner.


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