Milo Ryder: The Story of Hannah


Lowell F. Volk is from Minnesota and now lives in Pleasant View, Colorado. He is retired from General Dynamics and is a former deputy sheriff of Montezuma County, Colorado. He is a member of Western Writers of America and enjoys writing books and hunting. He and his wife, Mary Lou, have five grown children.

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Life at Ryder Ranch has returned to normal until the day three men enter the Stonewall Mercantile while Hannah and Maria are shopping for fabric with Ester. One of the men, called Knox, grabs Maria’s arm and won’t let go. Hannah reacts, slugging Knox in the face and busting his nose. Then she grabs a stove shovel and knocks him out. The other men back away, but as they drag their friend out of the store, they threaten Hannah, Maria, and Ester. This is how things begin, but it isn’t the end.  Hannah’s life is now in danger, and she finds herself the target of men with murderous egos who will stop at nothing to see her humiliated and even killed.


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