Moodus Noises


Davis L. Temple is a renowned scientist, scientific writer, and the author of six previous novels, including Two Letters Then Booger Den for which he was awarded the Mississippi Author of the Year distinction in 2004. Davis and his wife, Patty, lived in Connecticut for many years where Moodus Noises was conceived. Today they live in Bonita Springs, Florida, and Greensboro, Georgia.

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The violent history of colonialism has plagued the American psyche for centuries. Some ghosts, however, are never laid to rest. When the Pequot Indians, exterminated by the white man in 1637, return to modern-day Connecticut to exact revenge upon the white man and his former allies, the Mohegan Indians, a violent supernatural confrontation erupts.

A beautiful summer’s day in the small village of Moodus is suddenly disrupted when a local man is discovered not only dead, but scalped; two others have been killed by arrows—all with white whales painted on their foreheads. Meanwhile, Sarah Gates and Rob Chapman, precocious teenagers with an eye for mischief, are searching for caves on Cave Mountain when they see something incredulous: a tall Indian carrying a tomahawk and bow and arrow. His face is covered in war paint and his eyes look dead below his Mohawk. Thinking no one will believe them, the youths decide to investigate on their own. But they soon find themselves involved in a war and moral travesty that stretches well beyond the limits of their experience or imagination.

Moodus Noises is a fast-paced, compelling work of fantasy that questions modern reality and is also a poignant critical commentary on our nation, its history, and the repercussions of what it means to be both an American and a human being.


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