More Than Meets the Eye: The Story of a Remarkable Life and a Transcending Love


Joan Brock inspires people worldwide as a much-in-demand speaker. She is a graduate of the University of South Dakota and lives with her husband, Jim, in Arizona. Her daughter, Joy, and her family — including Joan’s two adored grandsons — also live nearby in Arizona.

Derek L. Gill wrote and co-authored a number of best-selling biographies, including Dove and If You Could See What I Hear, which were made into major movies. Gill once said working with Joan Brock on More Than Meets the Eye was “the most exhilarating experience of my professional life.”

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Joan Brock seems to have the perfect life: a deep faith in God, a happy marriage, a beautiful young daughter, and a satisfying career teaching blind students how to adapt to a seeing world. Then Joan’s own eyesight begins to fail due to a rare and an incurable condition. Her world becomes shrouded in shadows, where familiar objects, such as an out-of-place chair or a door left ajar, prove perilous. As Joan struggles to adapt to her new reality, she receives another harsh blow: her husband is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

How can I do this alone? She wonders. What will happen to my daughter?

More Than Meets the Eye is the powerful story of meeting hardships head-on with resilience and a resolute faith that turns sorrow into joy and tragedy into triumph. It is also a story of unexpected romance.

In 2003 Joan’s remarkable story was the basis of a television movie, More Than Meets the Eye: The Joan Brock Story, which premiered on the Lifetime network and was distributed internationally by Hallmark.


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