Murder at Thumb Butte


James D. Best is the author of The Shopkeeper, Leadville, The Shut Mouth Society, Tempest at Dawn, and The Digital Organization. He lives in Omaha, Nebraska with his wife, Diane. You can learn more about James and his books at

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In the spring of 1880, Steve Dancy travels to Prescott, Arizona, to gain control of a remarkable invention. But on his first night in the territorial capital, his friend Jeff Sharp is arrested for a midnight murder at Thumb Butte. Dancy launches a personal investigation to find the real murderer, only to discover that the whole town wanted the victim dead. For help, he turns to another old friend and associate, Captain Joseph McAllen of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency.

Can Dancy identify the true killer before his friend stretches a rope on the courthouse square?


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