My Creature, My Love


Alfredo R. Sandoval worked for forty-six years in the copper mining industry before retiring in 1995. He lives in Tucson, Arizona. My Creature, My Love is his first book.

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My Creature, My Love begins with a young girl’s admiration and deep unrelenting reverence for a serpent she sees close to the foot of a cross on a mountaintop. An unnatural and consecrated attraction and adoration to a skillfully prepared stuffed rattlesnake she insisted her father buy for her in an antique shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico provides a morbid and suspenseful setting for this story. A bizarre and lurid companionship exists between the girl and the reptile. This communal love and veneration relationship is a very strong weapon she uses on anybody to have her own way, especially to hold her widowed father’s love for herself and nobody else.

Unlike the current-day portrayal of horror in movies and other media, My Creature, My Love conveys a suspenseful illustration of bestiality and the power it has when used to serve the willful desires of the main character.


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