My Enemy, My Self: Overcoming Your Self-Defeating Mind; The Psychology of Self-Change


Dr. C. Franklin Truan is a clinical psychologist who has been a practitioner in the field of mental health for forty years. He is the author of Meta-Values: Universal Principles for a Sane World.

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Do you …

… feel depressed about your life?

… use alcohol or drugs to escape?

… hide your true self from others?

If you’ve picked up this book, chances are you’re not satisfied with the way you’re living your life. You aren’t happy — even if you’ve fooled everyone else into believing you are. Whatever your troubles, the root cause is the same: you don’t like yourself.

When your deepest beliefs about yourself are negative, a fulfilling life is impossible. My Enemy, Myself: Overcoming Your Self-Defeating Mind explores why you have a poor self-concept and how it sabotages your attempts at a joyful existence. Presenting common-sense solutions to the problems that plague self-destructive individuals, Dr. C. Franklin Truan teaches you how to gain control over your emotions, use your mind to separate fact from fiction, and build a mature, positive self.

The life you want is within your reach. Are you ready to take the first step?


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