New Witch of Oz


David M. Heacock is coauthor of Child of Oz. The third book in the series, Munchkin Muddles, is in the works. He is also working on a high fantasy series, a collection of weird fiction, and a dark look at Peter Pan. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and lives in the desert Southwest.

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After rescuing her granddaughter from Morta, the Wicked Witch of the East, Dorothy returns to live out the rest of her days in Oz by using the remaining magic in the shoes given to her by Queen Glinda.

But the Land of Oz has plans other than retirement for Dorothy.

When she arrives, she discovers that the Witch of the North has passed away and needs to be replaced—and Dorothy is the obvious candidate. After Glinda gives her lessons in the use of magic, Dorothy visits old friends and travels to the land of the Munchkins. Once there, the town is attacked by a fierce beast from the land of Far and Away who is the ancient guardian of the silver shoes stolen by the evil witch.

If the Munchkins are ever to be safe, can Dorothy and the ferocious beast find a way to help each other face the mysterious Fire People and recover the silver shoes she lost in the desert so many years before?

Fall under the spell of Oz once again in this magical journey of Dorothy.


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