On the Wild Side


On the Wild Side is the debut children’s book written by K. L. Thompson. Thompson has been writing stories for longer than she will admit. Only since having children and encouraging them to chase their dreams, has she decided to chase one of her own. K. L. lives in Arizona where she helps to run a family business, is a wife and mother, and loves spending time with family and friends. She also loves reading and collecting books. On the Wild Side is the first book in The Adventures of Squishy and Boo series—named after her two little ones. She hopes you will love the message in this story and that your children will have fun on the adventure.

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Squishy and Boo wake up one morning to find a special adventure awaiting them filled with wild jungle animals. But what will happen when their feet turn into paws and their noses turn into trunks? Fortunately, their mom is with them! No matter what they become, they find her changing too as she watches over them, keeping them safe and loved while they have fun together.


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