Radical Self-Expression Manifesto: Her How-To-Guide for Self-Love


Akilah S. Richards

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In these pages, you will find the old knowings that I discovered. You will meet a girl who felt the urge to honor her own old knowings before she could even name them, or trust them to lead her to inner happiness.

My prayer is that you use her story to reflect on your own. Both she and I will talk to you throughout these pages, in efforts to tug you away from temporary, outwardly focused inspiration, and over to your own old wisdom.

If you are just starting out on the path to self–expression, this book will reflect aspects of your own story. Use that reflection to create a strategy for ownership and expression of your voice. Whether in your home, in your vocation, or simply in your mirror, you are entitled to the full knowledge and expression of your uniqueness. This book will remind you of that.


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