Ramblings & Roundabouts: An American Couple’s Travels in Europe—Mostly by Motorhome


With a varied background in homeschooling, technical writing, family businesses, and working in higher education, Brenda’s experience lends generously to her writing. Brenda earned her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Kansas and her master’s degree in liberal arts from Baker University. Brenda lives with her husband Brian in Tucson, Arizona.

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Brenda Revard had taken many trips across the United States with her husband, Brian, over the course of their thirty-five-year marriage. As retirement approached, they decided it was time to explore the world beyond their own borders. They sold their house, parted with most of their belongings, and bought a motorhome … in Amsterdam.

But Brenda quickly discovered that they had more to learn than European visa rules and driving laws. International travel required them to adapt to different cultures, navigate unfamiliar terrains, and find basic staples on the fly—a challenge for someone who liked to plan everything out ahead of time. Solving these problems not only brought a sense of accomplishment, but also led to delightful surprises as they encountered new people and places.

Ramblings & Roundabouts: An American Couple’s Travels in Europe—Mostly by Motorhome chronicles Brenda’s journeys outside her homeland and her comfort zone. Containing a myriad of travel tips, her memoir will inspire anyone who’s dreamed of embarking on a grand adventure.


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