Real Teacher Talk: A Collection of Narratives by Real Teachers with Recommendations to Improve a Broken Education System


Dr. Norma Baker’s professional experiences and preparation as an educational leader include her works as the Affirmative Action Coordinator and System Analyst for two major aerospace companies. While she thoroughly enjoyed the successes that she achieved working in the aerospace industry and other private sector companies, she returned to education to fulfill her passion. She resumed her career as an elementary school teacher and principal for Inglewood Unified School District. Dr. Baker also served as District Level Director of Elementary Mathematics, Elementary District Reading Program Coordinator and interim middle school principal for the Los Angeles Unified School District. Dr. Baker provided curriculum development and participated in textbook adoption in both Pre-K and K-12 school districts during her administrative tenure.

Herbert Boykin is an educator, musician, composer and author born in Prichard, Alabama near where he currently resides in Mobile, Alabama. His extensive career as a school administrator, classroom instructor, and band director provided him considerable experiences in the field of education. The majority of the thirty-four years that Herbert worked in public education was expended at Los Angeles, Compton, and Inglewood School Districts all located in Los Angeles County. He also taught for a very brief period in Portland Public Schools in Portland, Oregon. Herbert is an entrepreneur who founded Her Boy Music Production, LLC. Her Boy Music Production, LLC is located on YouTube currently featuring the music and video entitled, “United We Stand.”

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We hope that what is disclosed, discussed, and possibly discovered in this book will enlighten, encourage, and empower you to become an integral contributor and benefactor of a new Inclusive Era in Education.

It is our desire that those of you reading this book who have not yet found a career path will consider pursuing teaching as a viable profession. Those of us who have been privileged to serve as teachers believe that similar rewards await a new generation of professional educators. Join us!

For our readers who are not teachers or do not aspire to become teachers we solicit your continuous support and thoughtful cooperation with those tasked with the arduous responsibility of educating students. You are an indispensable partner in the intrinsic educational process!

Together we can build a new Inclusive Era in Education, creating a brighter endearing future for all students and for the world!


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