The Creative Teacher: Activities for Language Arts (Grades 4 through 8 and Up)


James T. Charnock, MEd, is a veteran teacher of more than thirty years at the elementary and junior high levels. For most of those years he was a certified reading-language arts specialist. In addi­tion to creating educationally oriented market products, Charnock has been a feature writer/children’s book reviewer for The Reading Teacher, a national reading journal, and has served on the editorial board of Language Arts, a national English journal.

Former top students have honored Charnock four times in Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers. He has also been listed in Who’s Who in the East.

The Creative Teacher is Charnock’s second edition to his 2005 publication, A Non-Workbook, Non-Textbook Approach to Teaching Language Arts. In addition, Charnock has published Mt. Horeb: The Lit­tle White Schoolhouse on Little Deer Creek, about the history and memories of one of Maryland’s last one-room schoolhouses, where he started his education.

Charnock lives in a suburb of Philadelphia, where he con­tinues as a freelance writer, often serving as a seminar speaker on the teaching of writing and classroom art.

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Author James T. Charnock shares the best from his thirty-plus years’ experience teaching language arts in The Creative Teacher, a teachers’ guide filled with student activities in writing, public speaking, researching, dramatizing, and more. This is the second edition of the 2005 publication, A Non-Workbook, Non-Textbook Approach to Teaching Language Arts.

Charnock’s clarity, energetic style, and practical approach make this book a worthy addition to your teaching library. You will be impressed with how simple and fun teaching language arts can be when compared with the onerous and complicated methods propagated in the past.


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