Follow Your Interests to Find the Right College


Paul Marthers earned a BA from Oberlin College, masters’ from Boston University and Reed College, and his doctorate from University of Pennsylvania. His many years of experience working in higher education and college counseling include positions at Duke, Vassar, Phillips Academy Andover, Boston College, Oberlin, Reed, RPI, Bennington, and the SUNY (State University of New York) system.

Janet Marthers earned a BA from Stanford University and a master’s from Reed College. She is an independent college counselor, working with families on the college and prep school admission processes. She has worked in admissions at Oberlin College and Skidmore College.

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Follow Your Interests to Find the Right College is a different sort of college guide—one that helps students and their families better understand the vast amount of options available for college based on a student’s interests. Topics in this comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide include, but are not limited to:

  • the argument for liberal arts
  • college degrees programs in Canada, UK, Australia, and beyond
  • art and architecture programs
  • business
  • equine-related opportunities
  • engineering
  • health care majors
  • Ivy League
  • benefits of public liberal arts colleges and university honors programs
  • armed service academies
  • environmentally-oriented colleges and programs
  • faith-based colleges

And much more….

Students, parents, and college advisers will appreciate the vast amount of information presented and synthesized in this user-friendly format. Even the most college-savvy reader can turn to the well-researched, thoughtful chapters on almost every academic or social area as well as advice on broader college-related topics, such as financing college and advice for home-schooled students.

By providing and interpreting vast amounts of data not collectively available online or in other guidebooks, each chapter provides both an overview and fine detail for a wide variety of subjects. Using this book as a starting point, parents and advisers can quickly increase their knowledge in a given area and be ready to help students explore options with confidence, while also making the best use of their time.

Once you know what you want in a college, you can evaluate the best way, from an admissions strategy, to get there. Until you know what you want, however, it doesn’t make sense to jump into the application game. Your admissions plan could be very different from your friends’ based on what you actually want to get out of your college experience. Knowing the options and figuring out the best ones for you will make you, your child, or your student a smarter, more strategic, and more confident college applicant.


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