Teaching: Excellence or Survival? A Reflective Guide to the Greatest Profession in the World


Chuck Benigno, PhD, is a former teacher, coach, high school principal, assistant superintendent, and middle school principal.

As a motivational speaker and educational consultant, Dr. Benigno has spoken extensively on the keys to effective classroom management and the role teachers play in making a difference in the lives of young people. Using music and video clips, his high-energy presentations have informed and entertained thousands of teachers.

His greatest claim to credibility comes from being married to a fabulous sixth grade math teacher and having three school-age children who are thriving due to the help of wonderful teachers like you.

Most importantly, Dr. Benigno has cried, laughed, and cheered with teachers and students in a way that makes him know, without a shadow of a doubt, that teaching is the greatest profession in the world.

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Teaching is an awesome task, and it requires a missionary zeal that can drain the best of educators. Teaching: Excellence or Survival? celebrates the impact teachers have on children and encourages teachers to not just survive their journey, but to strive for excellence.

Using real-world examples, educational research, humor, and a dash of common sense, this easy-to-read reflective guide examines the challenges and rewards of the greatest profession in the world.


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