Sacred Lies, Sober Truths


Kathryn Buckley Cowan

“A beautifully written tale of loss of innocence and life renewed, Kathryn Cowan’s Sacred Lies, Sober Truths tells a wife’s story of a long journey of silence, cruelty, resilience, coming out, and reawakening—a tale still too often lost, even as we begin to come to grips with the terrible costs of a long-closeted society.”
—Jennifer Lee Carrell, author of The Speckled Monster, Haunt Me Still, and Interred in Their Bones

“As we all know, good stories are honest stories, but until we open the doors of our psyche, we might not even know we have demons lurking. In the pages of this book, the author puts the clothing of language on one woman’s demons so that we can live vicariously in her world. Although the plot is fictional, the expose of the sixties culture, a culture that called into question many of the conventions that guided previous generations, is not. But one doesn’t open a Pandora’s box without consequences, so be prepared for a page turner.”

—Marilyn Thomas, author of The Diary: Sex, Death, and God in the Affairs of a Victorian Cleric; and I Sang in My Chains: A Memoir

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Caught in the swirling momentum of the early 1970’s unrest—the Vietnam war protests, the advent of feminism, birth control, and a culture that questions all authority—the naïve Meredith Byrne becomes entangled in an illicit relationship from which she’s desperate to escape. When she meets the dazzling Robert Baird, she believes he’s her way out. One night, Robert shares a dangerous secret—one that makes Meredith doubt the wisdom of her attraction. But she chooses to bury these fears, and the pair jump into a marriage for which neither is prepared.

The honeymoon over, Robert begins to recreate Meredith. Afraid he will leave her, Meredith struggles to be the perfect wife; going platinum blonde, wearing only the fashions he approves of, and even wrapping herself seductively in Saran wrap. All to no avail.

When she turns to professional help, Robert suggests they see a priest for counseling. The priest, hiding secrets of his own, takes Robert’s side, and when Meredith finds herself in a profound moral crisis, advises the unthinkable! Ultimately, she must choose between a life of bitterness and anger, or one in which she comes to terms with her husband, the priest, and, most importantly, herself.


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